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Construction Management and Work Order Inspections

The experienced professionals at MEI can assist with construction project management and construction work order inspections at any level. Whether you need oversight 100% of the time the contractor is on site or just a weekly inspection.

Many of our cooperative clients engage MEI to provide work order inspections. Our work order inspections include a field review and a professional engineer will sign off on the inspections and RUS 219s.

The project manager will perform and/or assign a construction inspector to perform construction management and inspections. The role of construction inspector is vital to the success of the construction project. This person is responsible for enforcing the engineer-approved designs per the drawings and construction specifications. Inspections and coordination with the construction contractor are the best ways to ensure that the contractor performs in accordance with the drawings and construction specifications. The construction inspector serves to:

  • Coordinate all project site visits with the client’s representative, if required
  • Review of materials on hand and schedule deliveries
  • Review the construction schedule with the construction contractor and update as necessary
  • Periodically visit the construction site to observe and document construction progress, as needed (frequency to be determined by client)
  • Be present at the site to witness execution of critical construction milestones as required by the construction specification
  • Assist with ensuring construction is being implemented according to the plans, construction specifications and schedule (Site inspection is expected to resolve most, if not all, design and construction conflicts)
  • Each construction inspection should include digital photographs of the construction progress. Site visit notes will be included in the written progress report.
  • Progress reports will be issued to the client monthly, or as required.

For more information about Construction Management & Work Order Inspections, contact Rex Woods.

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