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                                            LiDAR Analysis & Design

McCord Engineering’s Geospatial Services division comprises a team whose LiDAR analysis and design abilities are second to none. From the beginning design phase to as-built analysis, our software and data integrations tailors your data to align with your project goals and expectations.

PLS-CADD Modeling

Based on our experience with power line design and LiDAR, our team of PLS-CADD technicians has developed many different techniques used to produce high quality products and services for our clients. We use LiDAR data to model existing terrain, structures, conductors and aerial obstacles. These models can be used for:

  • Engineering
  • Line Clearance Analysis
  • Communication Joint Use Audits and/or Permits
  • Thermal Rating Analysis
  • Vegetation Management
  • As-Built Surveys
  • NERC Compliance Analysis


  • App Development
  • On-site data storage or cloud based solutions
  • Integration with many different GIS and design softwares
  • Data Collection Solutions

Data Integration Solutions

As technology advances, the issue of storing large quantities of data continues to grow. Emerging technologies gather valuable data at incredible speeds, capacities, and variations. Our team at MEI has developed techniques to collect relevant information from this data and deliver it in a manageable format to our clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure the data we provide integrates seamlessly with their existing software.

Asset Management Solutions

Do you need help managing your utilities assets? Are you still relying on labor-intensive paper maps, handwritten forms, Excel spreadsheets, and emails? McCord Engineering can provide a reliable asset management system, complete with customized software that can generate a broad array of data types and implement them directly into your existing workflow. Regardless of the GIS environment, this data can include maintenance plans, vegetation management and even work order generation, just to name a few. By automating your asset management and letting the data handle itself, you save valuable time and effort.

For more information about LiDAR Analysis and Design, contact Rex Woods.

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