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Relay & Control Design

MEI’s relay and control design team comprises engineers and designers with varying backgrounds in the electric utility and consulting engineering industries.

The team’s collective experience includes design, construction, operations, maintenance, system protection, and apparatus expertise.  This combination of experience enhances MEI’s ability to deliver a quality product on both new design and existing brownfield redesigns and retrofits. 

It also means we can look at related items including coordination, relay settings, device programming, as well as arc flash studies (MV and LV). 

MEI takes the utilities’ perspective into account during the relay and control design process and factors into account the field operations and maintenance of the substation facilities. MEI uses IEEE, NERC, and NEMA standards to provide a proven design basis for every relay and control design project.

Other industry accepted practices by organizations such as the RUS Substation Design Guide are applied. We utilize AutoCAD on client projects to ensure working space and drawing accuracy.

All drawings are reviewed and approved by a licensed professional engineer prior to issuing for construction.


  • 138 kV Substation Designs
  • 345 kV Line Panel upgrades
  • Medium Voltage (4kv to 35kv) protection schemes
  • MTM automatic transfer and fast bus trip
  • 138 kV Capacitor Installations
  • 138 kV Relay Schemes
  • 138 kV Meter Configurations
  • Coordination studies using ETAP and Milsoft
  • Relay setting files using SEL and other industry standard protocols
  • Analysis of protective system events
  • New Substation Design (Relay, Control, Communication)
  • Brownfield substation design and panel upgrades
  • Power factor correction studies
  • Electrical Control Enclosure (Control House) Layout and Design
  • Testing, commissioning and integration. support
  • SCADA Design
  • Construction Supervision by Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Determine Initial System Requirements
  • Development of Material Specifications
  • Development of Construction Bid Unit Specifications
  • Issue the project for bid
  • Management of the construction contractor
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Full EPC packages to Owner or MEI Standards
  • Grounding System Analysis and Design
  • Material Specification and Labor Procurement Through Competitive Bid Process
  • Materials Engineering and Procurement
  • Power factor correction studies
  • Regulatory permitting and filing
  • Relay calculations and settings
  • Relay scheme design
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Reliability-Based Design
  • Retrofit/Capacity Increases

For more information about Relay and Control Design, contact Rex Woods.

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