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McCord Supporting Women in STEM

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women in STEM fields, we sat with Sarah Hampton, one of the many proud women in our family and asked her a little bit about how she found her way to the STEM field.

Sarah received her B.S. in Environmental Geosciences in 2015 from the greatest university on the planet, Texas A&M. Sarah joined McCord Engineering, Inc. during our acquisition of Texas Drone Professionals in 2017.

What made you interested in the STEM field?

“I always wanted to help people. During my freshman year, I had a female professor who built water wells in India. I realized that if I wanted to pursue helping people, science and technology was a means to that goal.”

So STEM has many fields, why Environmental Geosciences?

“I discovered my passion for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data Analysis during my GIS and advanced statistical data methods in geosciences and geography, which was fueled by the passionate professors I had.” 

After graduation, where did you start?

“I started my career working for Texas Drone Professionals processing aerial imagery and LiDAR data, using the knowledge gained in school and my passion for data analytics and GIS.”

We have to ask, what do you think of your time here at McCord?

“What I love about working for McCord Engineering is getting to work with experts in their fields and the exposure to new technology and ideas not seen anywhere else. “

What do you do in your free time outside of work?

“In my free time I enjoy taking my dogs on hikes and spending time with my seven siblings.”

Most importantly, women have long been a minority in the STEM fields. Do you have any words of wisdom or encouragement to young women out there considering a career in STEM?

“As a woman with a career in the STEM field, my advice to younger women is that you belong wherever your passion is.

Engineering and Geospatial Services Consultant, McCord is honored to support women in their pursuit of a career in STEM. If you know anyone who is considering a career in Engineering or Geospatial Services and interested in joining the MEI family, visit our careers page!